"Have Camera-Will Travel"

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My name is Cj Triebels and I am a full-time  Adventure Photographer. Surrounded by beaches, wilderness, and open landscape I found it easy in my early years to get out and explore. Living in California has opened many doors, leading to new places ready to be explored. Although California has been my home for the past 20 years I have come to love another place, over the last year and a half I have found myself more Northern if you will. In Boise, Idaho, where I have established myself with a name and a community. To me exploring is going just beyond the line less crossed. Going to new places, wandering, learning and being free. I often find myself in a state of solitude, constantly planning the next trip with countless destinations flashing through my mind, its always hard to settle on just one. When I’m traveling to places popular or desolate, I constantly push the limit just to see if there is something even grander beyond the next peak. Whether a lake or a mountain, a point break when surfing or a pillow line when snowboarding exploring more is forever captivating. I have been so blessed to see the places I have seen. Ever since I began photographing landscapes, adventures, and lifestyles in the backcountry, I see things differently. Its so amazing to be able to climb to the top of a peak, get barreled or even backpack extended miles at a time, to be able to photograph these events is nothing shy of inspiring. All in all I am grateful for the grand and miraculous, but I am also grateful l for the small and insignificant, because it is that that makes the grand seem so miraculous. 

Be blessed. 


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